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Our Land - Traversing Oregon Film
Our Land - Traversing Oregon Film
Our Land - Traversing Oregon Film
Our Land - Traversing Oregon Film

A story of an overland journey across Oregon's highly varied public lands, to highlight the qualitative and quantitative value of such areas, in light of recent political developments that are threatening to take them away. From west to east, wildlife biologist and outdoor addict Jason Fitzgibbon, set out with cinematographer Octave Zangs to sample some of the state's most rugged coastlines, its finest trails, and its wildest rivers, in an effort to enjoy and share some of the ecological resources, recreational opportunities, and priceless experiences that can be found in our threatened federal lands.

Head over to Eskapee to read Jason's detailed write-up about the trip and check out behind-the-scenes on our blog.


Directed by: Octave Zangs & Jason Fitzgibbon
Cinematography/Editing/Color Grading: Octave Zangs
Voice Over and Words: Jason Fitzgibbon
Music and Sound Design by: Octave Zangs

Help Protect Our Public Land

What type of world would we live in if there were no sagebrush steppe left for the antelope to roam, if our pine forests were felled before they could grow old, if streams never made it to the sea, if the “weekend getaway” was a revered story of the past? At this moment, many of these places are still ours, accessible for our enjoyment; to ride, to hike, to fish, to camp, to appreciate. Let’s do our best to make sure these places aren’t only there now, for us to remember later.

Zangs Films is proud to have collaborated with the fine folks over at Outdoor Alliance on this project, to highlight the issue at hand, and allow concerned people like yourselves to share their concerns with those in government that make critical decisions about how our public lands are managed.

So we invite you to Protect Our Public Lands by signing the petition. In doing so you will be voicing your support of maintaining America’s treasured public lands just as they are; public and accessible, for all of us to enjoy.

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